When the cruise line offers you an upgrade, your immediate reaction is to excitedly accept and celebrate your good luck. If only it were that simple.

According to the experts at Cruise Critic and Travelers United, what the cruise line considers an upgrade may actually be a less-than-ideal situation in your eyes. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your cabin cruise upgrade doesn't accidentally become a downgrade:

Say no if …

The location is subpar

It may be a stateroom with a balcony, but if it's near the bow of the ship and you're prone to motion sickness, you won't be so happy with the new room in the event of rough seas. With that in mind, always ask where the cabin is located before accepting an upgrade.

You need an accessible cabin

There are a limited number of wheelchair-friendly cabins and suites on cruise ships. If you need this type of cabin, don't risk accepting an upgrade that is unlikely to be an accessible room.

You're traveling with people

When you arrange to cruise with family and friends, cruise ships typically offer group discounts or perks and place everyone in rooms that are close to each other. Accepting a cabin upgrade can not only land you in an entirely different location on the ship, but can also mean you forfeit the promotions you accepted with the original booking.

The costs add up

Sometimes cruise lines will offer a discounted cabin upgrade, but make sure it's actually a deal before you accept the offer.

Say yes when …

The price is right

If the upgrade is free or the reduced price is well within your budget, go for it! Just make sure the room meets your other needs before saying yes.

They offer extra perks

Extra amenities and exclusive access to onboard experiences can make the upgrade worthwhile.

You need extra space

If tight quarters could be tense for your family, accept the upgrade to a bigger cabin.