Is there really magic in crystals? Many celebrities think so, endorsing the healing and soothing powers of the stones and making it a hot wellness trend in the spa world. Crystals may not be the first treatment your doctor recommends, but many people swear by the energy and connection they feel from the stones.

Wondering if you should try it out during your next spa visit? Here's what you should know about crystal healing:

What is crystal healing?

This wellness practice is said to manifest intentions, balance negative energy and establish stability in times of stress via the power of healing stones. Each crystal has a different purpose, according to the crystal experts who spoke with StyleCaster to provide the low-down crystal healing stones, which included:

  • Agate is the communication stone.
  • Rose Quartz heals through the energy of love.
  • Prehnite can boost self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Green Flourite is the clarity stone, which can help with decisions.
  • Amethyst may promote physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual growth.

How does it fit into the spa experience?

While you can place these stones around your home or office to introduce their vibes into your daily world, many spas are incorporating these crystals into their products, treatments and environments. There's the rose quartz mani-and-pedi, crystal-infused water, scrubs and face masks, plus crystal massages designed to promote energy flow and soothe the mind. Some spas even have crystal steam rooms and loofahs made from the stones.

Where can you get the crystal treatment?

Ask your local spa if they incorporate crystals in any of their offerings. If not, consider making a trip for the luxurious experience.

Crystal healing is different for everyone, so it's worth a try to see how it may enhance your spa experience.


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