The afternoon slump hits and you're desperate to rest your eyes for a few minutes but avoid doing so out of guilt or fear that you'll only feel worse when you wake up. In reality, there are incredible health benefits to power napping - as long as you get the timing right.

The National Sleep Foundation suggested capping these short rests at 20 to 30 minutes so you can reap the benefits of the sleep without feeling groggy or losing zzz's later that night. When you wake up, you'll enjoy these perks of power napping:

Get genuine rest

According to Verywell Mind, we actually get better rest in the afternoons than in the mornings because our bodies naturally feel tired roughly eight hours after waking up. As such, we're likely to feel truly refreshed after taking a power nap in the afternoon.

Reset your brain

Power naps essentially turn your brain off for several minutes, allowing it to reboot itself and perform better post-nap. The quick rest forces you to take a break from thinking so you can can tackle problems and reason with more clarity once you wake up.

Boost your productivity

Catching some shut eye can have a direct effect on your performance throughout the rest of the day. Naps restore alertness, reducing mistakes and accidents caused by drowsiness, according to the NSF.

Lift your spirits

Our fuses tend to be much shorter when we're tired. Power naps can give you the energy you need to continue your day in a brighter, more approachable mood - plus, the short rest can help reduce stress. In other words, say hello to the patient, attentive and calmer side of your personality.

Get comfy, set your alarm for 20 minutes and snooze away, ready to wake up and take on the rest of your day.