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Here's your luxury spa holiday gift guide


Do you know someone who could use a break? If only you could give them a refresh button. However, you can take advantage of the holiday season to indulge them with the luxurious products that will help them unwind and recharge.

Here are a few spa-themed gift ideas for the ones on your list who deserve some pampering:

The star collection

You know you want to give them a spa-related gift - but what exactly should that include? Look for luxury spa gift sets and exclusive holiday collections. They're expertly paired product combinations, already wrapped up in a gift box or bag. All you have to do is get the gift to the special person you have in mind.

The ELEMIS Frangipani Stars, for instance, is a divine duo for cleansing and moisturizing with the exotic fragrance of Frangipani Monoi. Alternatively, give them gift of anti-aging powered by the sea with the ELEMIS Fountain of Youth collection, exclusive to TIMETOSPA.

The travel treasures

Travel sizes and sets make perfect gifts for a few reasons:

  1. These mini collections make it easy to give them a taste of every product.
  2. They're great trial sets for those who have never used the products before.
  3. They'll come in handy for their upcoming travel plans.

You can create your own set, selecting from available travel sizes and beauty bags, or choose a thoughtfully curated travel-size collection, such as the ELEMIS Travel Treasures for Him or ELEMIS The Adventurer.

The soothing candles

No at-home spa day, relaxing bath or quiet evening is complete without the warming glow of a candle. Make it the finishing touch on their luxury spa gift - or stock up on a few candles for those recipients you just want to give a little something to. They're sure to love the signature scent of the ELEMIS Soothing Glow Candle or the delicate fragrance of the ELEMIS Rose Glow Candle.

With your gift in hand, they'll be ready for that much-needed moment of relaxation.

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