It's time to put down the razors and let your facial hair grow free. Rather than an excuse to be lazy with your shaving routine, November marks a month of advocacy for men's health - and you can show your support by growing out your beard or grooming your mustache.

Here's how and why to join these movements:

No-Shave November

The idea behind this month-long journey without your razor is to raise cancer awareness. Simply forfeit shaving during the month of November and donate the money you would typically spend on shaving and grooming supplies to cancer research and education. You can register with the organization to officially join the movement and start you own fundraising page. If growing facial hair has never been your specialty, you can still donate to the cause and support your friends as they get hairy.


The Movember Foundation has a similar MO, but the idea is to grow a mustache to inspire donations and conversations surrounding prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Start the month clean-shaven, and then commit to letting your mustache grow. The change in appearance is sure to get your friends and family talking - which is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about men's health. The community of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas can also sign up to run or walk 60 miles in November to commemorate the 60 men lost to suicide every hour.

If you still need an extra boost of motivation, Nov. 19 marks International Men's Day, which celebrates positive male role models and raises awareness for men's well-being.

When November comes to an end, you're free to return to your normal shaving routine. Stock up on your favorite ELEMIS Time for Men products to keep your skin looking and feeling soft, clear and radiant.


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