You're snowed in, which means even if you had somewhere to be, you're certainly not going now. Plus, once you're stuck inside for hours on end, the slums of the winter blues begin to creep up on you. It's the perfect time to do an an at-home workout, getting your blood flowing to keep your body warm and your energy levels high.

Here's how to squeeze in a workout when you're snowed in this winter:

Step one: Find your motivation

Cold, dreary and snowy weather isn't exactly a recipe for workout motivation. It usually sends you running for the cozy clothes, hot cups of tea and your bed. However, moving your body is actually the best way to get toasty when the winter chill hits. Do some jumping jacks and you'll be warm and ready to get into your workout in no time.

If supreme warmth isn't enough to get you going, think about the big-picture results of working out. Exercising during the winter can boost your mood and help fight those winter blues. Psycle and Equinox trainer Tameka Small explained to Harper's Bazaar that "exercising has been found to boost your body's serotonin, norepinephrine and stress response to help induce a natural state of calm."

Step two: Try these at-home workouts

Once you're convinced that working out is a good idea, there are hundreds of free workout videos and guides to follow online. Women's Health has a whole slew of at-home workouts, from cardio to total body toning to focused routines. Self magazine also suggested these varied at-home workouts, most of which you don't need any equipment to complete. If you're in the mood for a strengthening yet calming routine, consider yoga or Pilates workouts.

No matter what kind of workout you choose, don't let the snow stop you from staying active!


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