Have you dabbled in crystal healing in your past? Tried a jade roller? Maybe you just love the look of gemstones and feel like they must be magical? If you haven't done so already, it's time to add crystals to your skincare routine. It turns out they really can work miracles - and the trend is here to stay.

Here's how crystals can fit into your skincare routine:

Understanding the effect of crystals

While each type of crystal has its distinctive powers, they generally can help soothe, balance, enhance and heal your skin. Some do so by increasing circulation to the top layers of you skin, which encourages more rapid cell regeneration and reveals a bright, healthy and vibrant complexion. The calming properties of rose quartz, for instance, can soothe redness and reduce inflammation, according to INSIDER. Brit + Co noted that emerald can correct skin imbalances, including clogged pores, dullness and imperfections. Citrine crystals, on the other hand, are great for exfoliating and restoring a healthy glow.

Using healing crystals for healthy skin

Crystals can be infused into liquids, ground into mineral-rich powders or kept in gemstone form to simply emit positive, beauty-boosting vibes. You can use products made with crystalline ingredients, or use  gemstone rollers to apply your favorite moisturizers and facial oils with the added benefits of crystal powers. Using these rollers is said to increase healthy circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and soothe the skin to eliminate puffiness.

Trying crystal-infused beauty products

The benefits of crystals led many skincare brands to use them as powerful ingredients in their latest products. There are blemish potions, facial mists, bath salts, exfoliators, masks, cleansers, eye creams, toners, primers, body oils and so much more, all infused with the crystals that enhance their performance.


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