Try these 2019 wellness trends


Are you planning to revamp your self-care routine this year? Make your health and well-being a priority in 2019 by trying out these wellness trends:

Taking circadian rhythms seriously

Life is way too short to get bad sleep every night, and the key to catching that priceless beauty rest is understanding your circadian rhythms. We heard this term more frequently in 2018, and experts told us to avoid electronics right before bed and enjoy time in nature to help reset our biological clocks. As such, mindbodygreen predicted that 2019 will be the year we truly understand our circadian rhythms - and do what we can to honor them. In other words, it's the year of quality shut-eye.

Sipping on a different kind of milk

Ever hear of oat milk? Well + Good predicted that this milk alternative will be all the rage this year, especially in your lattes. That's because it doesn't have dairy, but lacks the nutty taste of other alternatives like almond milk. Added to that, it's creamy and steams nearly as well as the real thing.

Understanding hormones

They get a bad rep for being the reason women experience PMS on a monthly basis, but we're learning that hormones actually affect way more than our emotions. That's why Well + Good predicted that this understanding will drive innovation in health care in 2019, as well as encourage cortisol-conscious workouts that are a better approach to female exercise efforts.

Wearing smart jewelry

If you want the tracking benefits of a smartwatch but aren't sold on forfeiting your more stylish timepieces and bracelets, you're in luck. Healthista noted that there will be a rise in smart jewelry, made to monitor your body and stress levels but designed to look great while doing it.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year!