You're motivated and ready to get moving this year, but which workout is right for you? There's running, cardio routines, weight lifting, circuit training, yoga, Pilates, gym classes, at-home workouts and the list goes on seemingly forever.

Follow these tips to determine which workout routine is the one for you:

Match your workout to your body type

You'll see better results when you tailor your workout to your body type. Determine if you have a pear, apple, straight or hourglass shape, and then try one of these body-type specific workouts that Miami-based fitness expert Jessica Smith shared with Shape magazine. When you're ready for more, Women's Health also designed workouts based on body type for you to try.

Think about your body goals

You should have a solid idea of what you're working toward before you jump into a workout plan. For instance, there are routines tailored to weight loss, while others pinpoint specific body parts through strength training. Shape magazine suggested the best workouts for common body goals, such as running for thinner thighs, strength training for a booty lift, Pilates for stronger abs and CrossFit to accentuate curves.

Go with the one that energizes you

If you hate running with a passion, don't force yourself to do it. There are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping, so try a few different kinds of workouts until you find the one you enjoy most. If you like - or dare we say, love - your workout routine, you'll be way more motivated to stick to it.