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When should you cruise to the Caribbean?


Caribbean ports are open for business all year round, barring any dangers or damage during hurricane season. Your options are virtually limitless, which can make deciding when to cruise a slight challenge.

The good news is that there are distinctive perks to cruising to the Caribbean at different times of the year that may help you pin down your vacation schedule.

If you want the utmost peace and quiet …

Avoid cruising to the Caribbean during the summer months, spring break and winter holidays. USA Today noted that these are the times when bookings are at their peak, namely because it's when most people have time off from work and school. If you're not eager to deal with the crowds, try booking during the offseason. Cruise Critic suggested May and June if you want summertime vibes before the height of summer crowds kick in.

If you want the perfect weather …

Aim to cruise sometime between December and April. While the weather is generally glorious all year long in the Caribbean, the islands still have rainy seasons during the second half of the year.

If you want the best deal …

Late summer and fall are ideal times to book. Just be sure to keep an eye on the forecast because stormy weather during hurricane season can quickly put a damper on your vacation. Cruise Critic also noted that it's easy to secure favorable deals in January and February. As a bonus, "winter" weather in the Caribbean is sunny with temperatures in the mid 60s to mid 80s. Alternatively, you can work with a travel agent to find special deals and packages available throughout the year.

If you want festivals …

Check out what's on deck before booking your cruise to see if any festivals or local events catch your fancy. For instance, Carnival, which is a celebration similar to Mardi Gras, typically happens in February - although some islands and resorts replicate the holiday throughout the year. You can usually find sailing events, music festivals and parades during the summer.

Don't forget that the islands will always be there to welcome you. If you choose a summer cruise this year, there's always the option of traveling there in the winter next year!

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