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A common misconception has classically steered away men from spas - the idea that they are only for beauty services. In actuality, they’re about health and wellness. Shifting mindsets are now helping men become more aware of the possibilities a spa can offer when it comes to their health. It is also increasing their attendance.

The amount of men visiting spas has increased to 47%, a stark difference from the 31% less than 10 years before, according to a newly released study by The International Spa Association (ISPA). This as research around the globe continues to prove the importance of sustaining a mind, body and spirit regimen for a healthy lifestyle.

It's an appropriate time to discuss this as June is Men's Health Month!

As for the main reason men are visiting spas more, the study says it is because they are stressed and tired. A good wellness regimen goes beyond being trendy, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Celebrities and professional athletes may be making treating yourself trendy, but spas are incentivizing men to try out new forms of healthy living by creating environments that will make them feel comfortable. Male-centric spa menus are popping up and being paired with amenities such as gentlemen's lounges and locker rooms stocked with televisions for the latest sports games, comfy leather couches, and sports memorabilia, among other items that make the ultimate wellness man cave.

TTS Insider: Wellness can’t be perceived as a female-only endeavor, spas are centers of healing for both sexes. Introduce your man to the spa with a couples massage, it can be an intimate moment too!


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