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Meet Frangipani: It's a tropical flower with a scent so irresistible, it's a favorite for bouquets and perfumes. But there's more than meets the eye - and nose - with this flower. Frangipani comes with nourishing beauty benefits, making it a key ingredient in holy grails of all-over moisture and radiance.

From head to toe, Frangipani products will have you looking and feeling your best self. Here's what to know about this fragrant flower and its beauty benefits:

Why Frangipani?

The essential oil of Frangipani flowers acts as an astringent, which is why it conditions skin for a smooth-as-satin finish. It also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to your overall health. What's more, beauty products infused with Frangipani flowers will envelop you in their irresistible scent, only to leave you with soft and supple skin. In other words, consider your beauty routine officially upgraded.

Use it for hair care

That strong, soft and silky hair you crave? It's now yours. The ELEMIS Frangipani Hair and Scalp Mask is a weekly mask, made to enhance shine and radiance, remove buildup, detangle pesky knots and restore heat-styled and color-treated hair. You can have as much fun under the sun this summer as you please with this beauty hero in your repertoire.

Love it for skin care

With its nourishing powers, Frangipani is ideal for all-over smoothing and hydration. The ELEMIS Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, for instance, is like a tropical vacation in a bottle. Produced in harmony with nature on the breathtaking coral shores of the Polynesian Islands, Monoi oil is made from soaking Frangipani flowers in coconut oil. Follow up with the ELEMIS FrangipaniMonoi Body Cream for beautifully soft, supple and delicately scented skin. When you want to focus on the hands and nails, the ELEMIS Frangipani Monoi Hand & Nail Cream is your secret to long-lasting nourishment. And when it's time for some exfoliation, try the ELEMIS FrangipaniMonoi Salt Glow. The gentle scrub removes dead cells to brighten your skin while the flowers work their conditioning magic.