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A, B, C’s to a Summer Beach Body

Summer means beach season is here and whether a one-piece or teeny weeny bikini is your suit of choice, sculpting your body for summer style can be as easy as A, B, C.

Training in the morning and eating clean are great ways to give your metabolism a boost and keep those stomach muscles in check, while toning your leg muscles can give your whole body a slimmer appearance.

TTS Insider: Avoid foods that cause water retention. Meals high in sodium such frozen foods, processed cheeses and chips are salty snacks that won’t help your summer body. Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables like bananas and avocados will help reduce retention!

Flawless physical performance isn’t a magical response when you sign up for a gym. Replenishing nutrients and stimulating circulation are all part of the process, and incorporating supplements like ELEMIS Vitality for Energy Body Enhancement Capsules, works by partnering with your workout to improve inner health.

[caption id="attachment_5076" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Russian Twist[/caption]

If you like working out at home, try Leg Scissors and Russian Twists as part of your exercise routine. Lie on your back, palms tucked underneath your hips, while bringing both feet straight into the air. Leg Scissors engage your core as you alternate lowering your legs, while Russian Twists help support upper body strength. Just sit on your yoga mat, knees bent at 90 degrees, ankles crossed and both feet about a foot off the floor. Slighty lift your upper body about two inches off the ground and begin twisting your upper body from right to left.


Time is of the essence and you’re looking to skip the trainer? Invest in a tool used by top athletes around the globe - the Technogym Wellness Ball. It engages your body muscles while simultaneously improving balance, posture and muscle elasticity. Instead of being stationary at your desk, take the ball to the office and bounce on it while you work or use it to compliment your home workout routine. The ball activates your core muscles, so you can use it from AM squats to PM crunches.

Don’t forget soothing muscles after workouts avoids spasms and stressed joints. A warm bath followed by rubbing a potent blend of essential oils like Maritime Pine and Rosemary found in ELEMIS Musclease Active Body Oil, is an excellent way to nourish joints and muscles.


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