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It's International Self-Care Day! What was once perceived as a luxury exclusive for those with leisurely lifestyles and wealth, has evolved into an essential wellness lifestyle component. There are several different types of self-care practices, but the overall goal remains the same; to achieve a moment of relaxation and release from everyday stress. Start your new self-care routine by writing down the things that bring you feelings of peace and renewal. Choose habits that can be easily integrated into your routine, and start your wellness journey today.


Mind: A sound mind is a sound body

Sleep An average of 7-9 hours is recommended for a restful nights sleep

Meditate Take a moment of peace and silence to help improve mental clarity and reduces stress

Journal Organize your thoughts, write a creative piece, or doodle

Read Unwind your mind with the inspiring words of an author

Turn off Devices The light from your devices suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep


Body: Energize and awaken

Workout Improves your energy, boosts mood, and supports the immune system

Skin Care Routine Put your best face forward and follow a regimen that leaves your skin glowing and refreshed

Forest Bath Take a stroll outside and breathe in the nature that surrounds you (click to read more)

Nutrition A daily balanced diet rich in leafy greens and fruits keeps energy stabilized and your mind awake


Spirit: Emerge feeling inspired and renewed

Socialize Share ideas, listen, and laugh with a stranger, friend, or family member

Positive Affirmations Write a list of positive motivational affirmations

Garden Nurture and connect with a growing plant


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