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The Turning Point for your "Qi"

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is the flow of energy in the body.  In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that disruptions in your Qi are the cause of emotional and physical ailments.

Balancing your Qi involves more than indulging in your favorite treats as self-care. The answer to balancing this energy flow to your body is acupuncture - a therapy that involves fine needles being placed into different parts of the body to regulate body functions. These methodically-placed needles allow for the release of stagnant energy from your body and promotes overall wellbeing.

7 Benefits of Acupuncture

1. Boosts immune system

2. Increases circulation

3. Relieves lower back pain

4. Improves quality and patterns of sleep

5. Dulls persistent migraines

6. Chemotherapy recovery

7. Promotes happiness and emotional wellbeing

Experience Acupuncture, Balance your Qi

Feeling skeptical? The needles alone are discouraging enough for many.  National Geographic interviewed New England Patriots football player James Harrison, who set aside his fear of needles to include acupuncture as a part of his recovery plan. Harrison gets acupuncture weekly to relieve pain and boost recovery from his workouts.

In addition, acupuncture also gives you an opportunity to become more mindful of your body and its functions. An acupuncturist could help you understand your health and how to regulate your natural flow of energy.

If you are seeking relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia, you should experience the peace and restoration from this ancient treatment. For an additional boost, herbal supplements such as JOU help maintain the benefits of Acupuncture.


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