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Tricks and Treats to Revive Your Skin After Halloween

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Halloween, a creative and indulgent affair. Many of us dedicate the entire weekend to ghoulish fun, decadent treats and pumpkin patches. Are you going green like the evil Wicked Witch of the West, or are you going to embody a mythical creature this year? Whatever the case may be, there are more varieties of makeup products and costume accents than ever before! While you’re out shopping for your transformation, we recommend picking up a few items that will help you survive the most terrifying part of October; the post Halloween hangover. You know ... the type when you wake up realizing you forgot to floss and remove body paint and eyelashes.

Don’t let the spirit of your cocktails and treats haunt your complexion and wellbeing after the festivities! Trick-or-treat yourself this Halloween by following our beauty guide.

When life gives you lemons …

You make lemon water! Your body is deserving of a detox after all the candy corn and witches brew. Lemon water detoxifies the body by helping your digestive system and liver eliminate waste quickly, says nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. 

Revive your skin with a cleanse ... 

After a long night of dancing in layers of costume makeup, your skin will need a deep cleanse to recover from all the fun. Remove all traces of oily makeup and eye lash glue with a nourishing cleanser and exfoliator. The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm will detox and soothe skin from the harmful ingredients found in makeup. After you have removed all traces of foreign substances, follow up with a gentle hydrating exfoliator like our Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask.

Cut the Candy! 

Kim Kardashians dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, explained that sugar breaks down collagen, the very substance that keeps skin bright, lifted and youthful. Sugar also weakens the immune system, which in turn causes breakouts. Find healthier alternatives to halloween candy here.

Sweet Dreams

Blissfully drift off to sleep while your skin is repaired by our Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil. Its detoxifying ingredients work with your circadian rhythm to support the skins natural process of replenishing moisture. If you gave into all the treats, we recommend Jou Sweet Dreams Supplements to help your stomach recover from the feeling of overindulgence.


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