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Your Guide To Taking Spa Home With You

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Upon entering a spa's reception, a tranquil atmosphere welcomes you to drift off into complete bliss. Interior design elements in a spa are carefully chosen to entice your senses into a deep state of relaxation.Wouldn't it be nice to experience the serenity of spa each day when you walk into your home? Our guide can help you create a space that enhances your life and spirit. When redesigning your space, envision the quiet peace you want to manifest each day.

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Cleanse the energy in your home and the air you breathe with elements derived from nature. NASA’s Clean Air Study found a number of purifying plants that remove traces of organic pollutants from the air. The presence of plants in your home will not only improve your air quality, but will also benefit your mental health. Patients at a clinic in Manchester, England have been prescribed plants as part of their treatment for anxiety in depression. Take of breath of fresh air without leaving your home by welcoming luscious green plants into your living space. If your thumb is far from green, try placing winding twigs into a vase, or acorns into a bowl to bring a touch of life into your decor.


Experience the captivating essence of nature in your own home through aromatherapy. Essential oils have been used for centuries to balance mood, boost the immune system, and promote mental well-being. Bring this holistic healing treatment into your home by using a diffuser to distribute the aromas of the earth throughout your living space  (learn how to choose the right essential oil here!). Essential oils like lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang produce anti-anxiety calming effects. While rosemary, vetiver, and spearmint are energizing and influence focus and attention.


Travel beyond your senses in your own home by creating a sacred space that invites stillness and tranquility. Dedicate this space to enjoying quiet reflective moments over tea, yoga practice, meditation, or journaling. When designing your “Zen den,” intentionally select décor and design elements that bring you peace and feelings of spiritual wellbeing. Also, carefully consider the types of colors you choose as paint and accents. Colors can influence our thoughts and emotions, and choosing the right color depends on the types of feelings you want to manifest (read more about color and Chromatherapy here!). Hues like blue and grey encourage a sense of calm and are believed to reduce anxiety and stress. Whereas, brighter colors like yellow and red awaken the mind and promote creative thinking.

TTS INSIDER A new wellness trend called Grounding is connecting people to earth in the way our ancestors once did. By making direct contact with the ground, electrical energy is transferred into the body’s natural charge. Grounding enhances health, promotes anti-aging and feelings of well-being. OneSpaWorld has carried the electric current to sea through spa therapies using grounding mats. You can also reconnect with earth and experience the transformative effects in your own Zen space by using a grounding mat for yoga, meditation, or even lounging!


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