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Strengthen Your Core At Home With These Quick Workouts

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A strong core is the center of your body’s movement; these muscles are crucial to maintaining that royal-like posture. Whether you are working out at home, in the gym, or while traveling over the holiday, those planks, butterfly sit-ups, side-bends, and leg raises are the perfect techniques to strengthen your core muscle group. Self-guided core workouts radiate energy throughout your whole body and are effective ways to get fit on your terms. 

Planks: Strengthen your balance with minimal movement, helping to develop endurance at our core. According to Technogym’s Functional Training, this coordination builds strength in your abs and back. Try planking by resting your forearms on the floor with your hands facing forward, extend your legs behind you so that your body forms a straight line while squeezing your core and positioning your head so that your neck is in a neutral state. Hold this position without dropping your hips!

Butterfly Sit-Ups: This go-to ab exercise forces good form. Lie facing up pressing the soles of your feet together in the butterfly position. Reaching your arms overhead, use your core to roll forward until you are sitting upright and touching your toes — slowly lower back down to your starting position and repeat. 

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Side-Bends: This stretch improves your powerhouse by working your obliques, lengthening your abdominal and thigh muscles, promoting flexibility, muscle tone, and balance. Sit cross-legged with arms relaxed at either side, reach your left arm towards the ceiling in a crescent moon position. Use your right hand to crawl towards the right until your forearm and torso have fully leaned towards your right side. 

Leg Raises: An essential movement for gaining stability and control, leg lifts use both your arms and legs to increase support and balance to your upper body while adding definition in your core muscles. Beginners should start with two sets of 20 reps. Lie on your back, raising legs parallel to the ground and slowly moving them up, straight into space, until your lower back comes off the floor. Slowly lower your legs back, hold for a moment slightly off the floor, and repeat. 

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