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The Best Places to Cruise For The Holidays

There may be no place like home for the holidays, but there is no place like vacation to ring in the new year! Leave the holiday stress at home and set sail on some extraordinary journeys that will have you exploring land and sea. Here are four of the most popular holiday cruise destinations.


If a winter wonderland is what you had in mind for holiday cruising, pack your Mukluks and set sail through one of Alaska's natural wonders, Glacier Bay National Park. The park covers more than 3 million miles of preserve in Alaska's heartland. Glacier Bay is home to wildlife like whales and bears, ancient floating glaciers like Margerie, and soaring peaks like Mount Fairweather that will have your inner earthling jumping for joy.


Just six hours from London, take a river cruise down the Rhône River to the French city of Avignon. In the 14th century, this city was the capital of Christendom. During the Avignon Papacy, seven successive popes, called Avignon home. The UNESCO protected Palais des Papes is located in the center of the city, surrounded by medieval stone. Don't forget to stop by chef Marie Ohanessian's La Cuisine du Dimanche on Saturdays for free cooking demonstrations!

Swiss Alps

Revel in the glory of all things snow, sleigh bells, and hot chocolate as you set your destination to the Swiss Alps. Every town you visit will seem clipped from a postcard; you will be enchanted by festive markets brimming with handmade toys, ornaments, and fresh gingerbread. Make a pit stop to Strasbourg, France, and visit one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe before skiing into the new year. Schöne Ferien!


Quebec City transforms into a majestic holiday spectacular bursting with holiday cheer, as strings of snow-covered garland dance along buildings and every tree is trimmed. Ranked one of the world's best places to celebrate the season, Old Quebec's German-style Christmas Market will leave you dreaming of December for the next twelve months. Look out for Saint Nick trotting along one of the world's most iconic holiday street scenes, Quartier Petit Champlain and stay to ring in 2020 on the Ferris wheel while the spectacular immersif fireworks light up the night sky!

With midweek holidays being tricky for travel, use those extra vacation days for last-minute bookings on December 24, 25, or 28. Bon Voyage!

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