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Top Female Wellness Influencers You Need To Follow Right Now

(Source: @nomnompaleo/instagram)

Wellness correlates to mind, body, spiritual wholeness, and discovering the healing powers promoting fulfillment in life. Wellness influencers are the new age guides for balance. They inspire with daily doses of wisdom for the mind, share nutritious tips to strengthen the body and inspire mental wellness to elevate the spirit for our emotional and physical wellbeing. While there are millions around the world, we have chosen a few of our favorite female wellness influencers that are a positive addition to any feed for 2020!

Michelle Tam is the @nomnompaleo a New York Times bestselling author and James Beard Award-nominated food blogger, who majored in Nutrition & Food Science at Berkeley. Tam began living a Paleo lifestyle by cutting out grains, legumes, sugar, and processed food from her diet and chronicled her adventures on Instagram. From cooking tips to gadget reviews, NomNom Paleo has your daily dose of wellness. 

(Source: @alex_elle/instagram)

Alexandra Elle's wisdom is critical for self-discovery and spiritual development. Elle's Instagram @alex_elle gently reminds us that 'you don't always have to hold it together or get it right' and unfolding your truth will create more space and time for love in your life. Her inspirational poetry speaks from the heart and acts as daily reminders of the power our higher self holds within us. 

(Source: jesskeys_/instagram)

The Golden Girl, @JessKeys_, the best friend you never knew you needed. Key's Golden Girl Blog shares a heavy dose of realness with her 72k followers. With insights on healthy lifestyle, clean beauty, fashion, and personal anecdotes from her real girl approach to living your best life. Her Amazon store and positive energy will always leave you smiling!

(Source: @labmuffinbeautyscience/instagram)

Michelle Wong is the founder of @labmuffinbeautyscience, who breaks down the science of beauty to her 113k followers. This chemistry Ph.D. helps you to figure out which beauty products are worth buying and which ones aren't. From exfoliation guides to her use of layman's terms for all of that scientific jargon on your skincare product labels, The Lab Muffin publishes myths and truths connecting beauty and science. 

(Source: @ohsheglows/ instagram)

Angela Liddon is a shining light on her journey to 'Glow from the inside out' on her @ohsheglows blog. For the past six years, since she started writing the blog, she's shared her recovery from an eating disorder. Liddon shares her plant-based, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly New York Times Bestseller recipes to inspire us. The "Oh She Glows Cookbook" uses health and wellness to connect her to over 1 million unique readers each month. 'Oh She Glows' will have you glowing in no time! 


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