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The Digital Detox You Need To Try At Least Once

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From diets to traveling, and gym memberships to cleansing - detoxing is at top of mind each new year. For those trying to reconnect, there is a detox that makes all the difference for your mind, body and spirit - a digital detox.

Taking time away from digital outlets such as smartphones and computers has been gaining popularity as it resets the scales on a tech/life balance. A detox can help assess how overconsumption affects our wellness and how overuse can potentially harm our physical and mental health.

According to The American Psychological Association, nearly half of all Americans can't imagine life without their smartphones. About 43% are continually checking their emails, texts, or social media, and roughly one-fifth of Americans identify technology as a significant source of stress in their lives. 

It's important to remember that social media is a curated version of someone's life, and the constant comparisons can be toxic to self-esteem, so here are three ways to help digitally detox and rebalance your life. 


Sleep is vital to our emotional and physical wellness. Swiping at bedtime can disrupt the sleep cycle. Trade in your digital e-books and social media scroll time for paperback copies and fall back to sleep the old-fashioned way! 


From muting distracting clickable profiles to turning off push notifications and unsubscribing from spam mail, social cleansing is a must in your goal to reconnect with your true self. Don't be afraid to clean out your contact list and unfriend relationships that no longer add value to your life. Focus on connections that fill you with happiness.


Research shows having a smartphone on the table distracts the brain from being present in the moment, thereby reducing the quality of human interaction, so please turn your device on silent and keep it in your bag when breaking bread! 

Digital eye strain can cause headaches and blurred vision, so don't forget to look up and see the world around you. Wrinkles and frown lines are also potential side effects of leaning down to look at your phone 24/7, so get to detoxing! 

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