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How To Master That Red Carpet Look

While Hollywood's award season is quite short, year-round the red carpet makeup and styles are some of the most prized and desired. From Sandra Bullock's pre-show blend of pilates and kickboxing to Jennifer Lawrence's detoxifying Epsom salt baths to Lupita Nyong'o's love for essential oils, glam squads from Rodeo Drive to Fifth Avenue are reveling in beauty rituals - all for that stretch of red!

While at-home remedies maintain glowing skin, spa facials give celebrities and non-celebrities alike, an opportunity to revive their skin quickly, in a non-invasive manner and with no downtime. Luckily, many of the facials and therapies celebrities use are accessible to anyone wanting to try them.

For those wanting to capture some of the glow from the red carpet, our TIMETOSPA experts have put together a list of some of the best therapies to do just that.

Full Body Detox

Get camera-ready with body wraps meant to improve your skin tone and texture. The vitamin-packed 'Thousand Flower Detox Wrap' is bursting with Omega-rich nutrients and green tea seed oil to detoxify and leave skin reinvigorated.


Fusing the groundbreaking facial technology with touch, BIOTEC facials re-energize the skin using light therapy and galvanic stimuli. These facials increase your skin's natural cellular energy, helping fight the damaging effects of aging, reduce pigmentation and brighten your skin. For a non-invasive way to provide a natural lift and tighten your skin, try BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift. Your skin will be glowing and ready for the paparazzi (should there be any!)

Poultice-Powered Muscle Release

For praiseworthy posture, a massage is in order along with VIP treatment! Deeply invigorating, this form of massage releases tension in the body using uniquely designed amber and quartz poultices that use vibrational energy to re-mineralize and restore the body. Combined with the power of eucalyptus and juniper, the experience unties even the deepest knot. To boot, this is paired with a facial massage!


Zero Gravity Wellness Massage 

Delivering the ultimate form of relaxation with a unique experience made for the stars, the Zero Gravity Wellness Massage is conducted on a suspended treatment table that creates a floating effect, easing tension in the body.


Thermage Skin Tightening Treatments 

This non-invasive Medi-Spa treatment tightens and contours the face and body in just on treatment. Radio frequency used in the therapy improves the appearance of loose and sagging skin on the face and neck as well as the stomach. Your face and body will be ready to sport that designer attire.


Trusculpt Body Contouring 

How do some celebrities avoid getting muffin tops and flabby tummies while working grueling filming schedules? We suspect the gym and dieting has a role to play, but also body sculpting treatments such as TruSculpt Body Contouring. This form of medi-spa service reduces unwanted fat in the upper and lower stomach as well as the waistline!


Take The Spa Home 

If you didn't snag a ticket to Hollywood's golden evening, try a few at home celeb-approved glamming secrets to get you glowing! From depuffing eyes by massaging caffeinated eye cream with chilled spoons under your eyes to using a papaya fruit-infused mask, like the ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel, in the bath so the fruit enzymes and steam can plump and smooth skin.


TTS INSIDER TIP: Lip balm isn't just for your lips; it works great on hair too! Smooth away flyaway hair and shape your brow line using unscented lip balm, and if you are looking to reduce inflammation and red spots from acne, try using eye drops as a topical steroid. 

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