With wellness becoming more of a lifestyle choice than a luxury, more men are turning to the spa to recharge and unwind. Spas are a place of wellbeing, tranquility, and healing. Most offer specialized treatment menus tailored to gentlemen of all ages. From elegant relaxation lounges to wellness rituals centered around health and mental wellbeing, spas provide the perfect opportunity for men to reconnect with themselves.

The best spa therapies for men are the ones that start a lifetime wellness journey ...


Restorative to the mind and body, a spa experience is a decision to take care of oneself. This opportunity to destress boosts productivity, energy levels, positive interactions and overall feelings of wellbeing. Therapies such as massages are an effective way to reduce symptoms of stress, pain, muscle tension, insomnia, and anxiety, the Mayo Clinic reports. Beyond the typical therapies, custom wellness experiences are offered to address health concerns such as sleep and weight loss.


Indulging in a body treatment where email notifications and deadlines are obsolete will leave you feeling energized and inspired. During a body ritual, your mind escapes to a place of tranquility and fulfillment, and your body releases deep muscle tension and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage: Decrease muscle soreness and pain from workouts with a deep tissue massage. This therapy also alleviates high-stress levels, and revives the senses with dynamic blends of essential oils and active ingredients. 

Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap: Let your thoughts drift away while wrapped in a comforting marine algae detox wrap. Followed by an invigorating massage, this therapy helps relieve water retention and detoxifies the body of impurities. 

TTS Insider At-Home Spa Ritual: To soothe tired and stressed muscles, treat your body to anAching Muscle Super Soak bath followed by a massage with the Musclease Active Body Oil.


Men's facials are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of male skin. A facial will deeply cleanse and refresh the complexion from stress, and soothe it from the harsh effects of shaving. Defy the hands of time and put your best face forward with hydrating anti-aging facials.

Pro-Collagen Grooming Treatment with Shave: Re-energize skin with this shave of all shaves. Natural aloe vera prepares and soothes the skin, priming it for the Pro-Collagen mask, boasting extracts to soften skin and soothe irritations whilst a luxurious face, scalp, hand and arm massage complete a most relaxing experience.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Facial Super-Charger for Men: This is the facial to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the male complexion while activating ultimate skin dynamism. A triple hit of ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current delivers a deep clean, simultaneously exfoliating and powering up Kalpariane’s anti-wrinkle properties and samphire’s hydrating potency. An oxygen infusion is the final blast of energy for real, best-face-forward results. A multi-tasking, time-efficient solution- just for him.

TTS Insider At-Home Spa Ritual: Complete your shaving routine with the anti-aging Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men. To awaken and relieve tired eyes from looking at your devices, follow up with the Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Masks.

Sound Mind

Spa therapies offer a positive healing experience and an opportunity to reconnect with and nourish your true self. Regularly setting aside time for self-care enhances emotional intelligence and overall feelings of mental and physical wellbeing. Experience the tranquility and silence that comes with indulgent self-care, and start the journey to a sound mind and body.


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