Tasty Chilled Soup For Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

With summer and bikini season underway, our nutrition is key to having that beach-ready body, but why force yourself to have a tasteless dish to get to that body goal? Dr. Andrew Weil , a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, shared with us a simple chilled soup recipe that will have you happily sipping your way to a healthier body.

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According to the good doctor, tomatoes contain a high level of the antioxidant lycopene which has a wealth of benefits for your body and may help protect against prostate cancer and slow macular degeneration. In addition, research shows lycopene improves your good cholesterol (HDL) levels while decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body and reduces inflammation.


2 jars of organic tomatoes

1-quart ice cubes

1 cucumber, juiced

2 celery stalks, juiced

2 lemons, juiced

1 carrot, juiced

1 red pepper, juiced

1/4 cup maple or glucose syrup

1 tablespoon sea salt

1 pinch cayenne pepper


Mix all the ingredients and blend them until smooth. Place it in the fridge to chill for two hours prior to serving. For more recipes, click here .