Simply put the concept of having glass skin means your skin looks smooth, evenly toned and dewy, giving you that flawless effect. Not a bad a look on anyone at any age!


Achieving this look means your skin routine must include products that minimize the appearance of pores, smooth the skin of bumps and marks, evens your skin tone, provide radiance-boosting nutrients, give an infusion of hydration to give that moist-look and plump and firm for a younger-looking appearance.

A consistent skincare routine morning and evening is key to getting this coveted look, so make sure to set reminders for yourself daily. In addition, your water intake is crucial so make sure to have your water bottle on hand.


Daily and weekly, make sure to provide your skin with products that resurface, exfoliate, tone and deeply moisturize while also providing anti-aging benefits. While nothing can replace your trusted esthetician, you can attain the look with your at-home regimen. Our experts shared the best routine to get your glass skin on!

Double Cleanse

Make sure to provide a clean canvas for your beauty products to be fully absorbed by using a deeply nourishing cleanser that is not harsh on your skin, yet effectively clears it of any impurities and residue. A bestseller for this look is ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash which stimulates the skin's natural cell renewal cycle, actively smoothing and refining, while providing a non-abrasive peeling action and replenishes moisture levels.


A key component of glass skin is to remove anything that causes the look of dullness. This includes dead skin cells that clog your pores. Use a gentle exfoliator two to three times per week to keep your skin clear.


Refine and smooth your skin with a gel mask that gives you the effects of an ‘at-home’ facial’ by naturally accelerating cell-renewal while removing dead skin cells – all boosting your skin’s radiance. Use gentle products such as Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask twice per week for optimum results.


Opt for a toner that not only evens your skin tone but also enhances the moisture levels and gives a glossy look. A fan-favorite for this is the Rehydrating Ginseng Toner that revitalizes and rehydrates your skin.


Reduce the look of pores and wrinkles while deeply nourishing your skin with natural ingredients – a key component of the glass skin look. Opt for a clinically proven serum that is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that won’t upset your skin’s pH balance, giving you the best results.


Replenish your skin with a cream or gel moisturizer that deeply hydrates and protects it from UV exposure, while also providing that resurfacing action that smooths and brightens during the day. Pair it with a resurfacing night cream that stimulates your cell renewal cycle while you sleep. Make sure to apply your eye cream prior to your facial moisturizer.

Always take a gentle approach to any resurfacing and don’t forget to pair your beauty routine with lots of water, Vitamin C and superfoods to attain your best glow from the inside out!


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