Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin, body, and mind but we have all been there whether it’s because of work, stress, or simply a long night with friends. If you were not able to get your solid 8 hours of sleep, here are some easy skin care tips to make it look like you have! 

Our eyes often are the first of our features to give away that we hardly slept and puffiness is usually the main culprit. A cooling substance applied to the eye area can help deflate the situation. Try leaving your most beloved eye cream in the fridge and then apply it in the morning. A product loved by the #nosleepteam is the CEW Beauty Award Winner ELEMIS Peptide⁴ Eye Recovery Cream which revives and restores that under-eye area. You can also try leaving sliced cucumbers on your eyes for 5 minutes or apply a small dab of chilled aloe vera gel under each eye. For a quick fix, also place two chilled spoons over your eyes (with the rounded sides against your eyelids). This can also reduce puffiness in a pinch.  

When you skip on snoozing, your skin can become dehydrated and dry. Take a two-step approach to getting your skin's moisture levels back up. First, chug some water to replenish your system. Next, moisturize with a balancing and fast-acting cream, like the ELEMIS SOS Emergency Cream. The tried-and-true formula restores your complexion's radiance and suppleness in a flash. 

A good night's rest gives you a beaming complexion in the morning, but if you're a little strategic with your skincare and makeup, you can give yourself a faux glow and no one will be the wiser. Start by applying the ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, which energizes and instantly brightens skin. Then, dab a luminous highlighter powder or cream along your cheekbones, across your forehead, and down the bridge of your nose. Lining the inner corners of your eyes and your waterlines with a white eyeliner pencil can perk up your peepers, while a swipe of natural-looking blush on the apples of your cheeks will have you looking convincingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  For more skincare tips, click here.


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