With more of us spending time at home, why not put a self-care twist on a typical Halloween masquerade? Invite a few of your trusted friends to your home for a night in and your very own 'Mask-querade' - swapping out your ghost masks for your beauty masks. You and your pals will be skipping on the crowds while also boosting your skin's health and watching a horror flick (or maybe something less scary). 

Reach out to your besties and ask them to switch their Halloween mask for their most loved beauty mask for your soirée. With options galore, you can opt to try each other's favorites.

While costumes are not mandatory, they are always encouraged! If costumes aren’t your thing, opt for Halloween-themed pajamas and fun slippers to set the spooky tone of the month! 

To get into the Halloween spirit, select a few scary movies or shows to watch while you and your pals mask away. For those of us not into horror films, opt for a family-friendly movie. If you prefer to chat all night, then select a Halloween-themed playlist to set the mood while you’re masking away.

It’s no secret that many of us look forward to the Halloween candy each year, but always in moderation. Don't forget to add in a few healthy alternatives to the usual sugar-filled Halloween candy repertoire! Find a few easy-to-prepare recipes here.

On the night of, set out your treats, masks and movies. Don’t forget to share your favorite masks with your friends. A few scary good options are below based on your desired skincare goals.

BYE GHOUL, HELLO GLOW: Revive and replenish your skin by boosting your glow using ELEMIS Thousand Flower Mask. This black-hued treat is rich in minerals, including Nordic Peat, and skin-synchronizing Peptide⁴. Add in a boost of antioxidants and you’ll go from ghoulish to glowing skin. Did we mention it also reduces the appearance of pores?

RID YOURSELF OF THE DEAD (SKIN): If you’ve been dealing with lackluster skin lately, opt for a gentle exfoliating mask such as ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel. The cream exfoliator uses pineapple and papaya enzymes to smooth, moisturize and re-mineralize your skin while getting rid of dead skin cells. Don’t forget to inhale its much-loved tropical scent. 

DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: While the fountain of youth may not reverse aging, preventative skincare definitely helps. Boost your anti-aging efforts with the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Mask which uplifts the skin and helps to minimize the signs of aging. Quartz paired with Padina Pavonica, adaptogenic Noni, Moringa and Argan Tree Oil help to lift and hydrate the skin, leaving you with more youthful-looking skin.

Cheers to your very own ‘Mask-querade’ for Halloween and a bit of self-care in between. Don’t forget to share your event with us by tagging @timetospa on Facebook or Instagram.


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