When it comes to traveling, a cruise ship is a floating luxury resort taking you along for a picturesque journey. The destination? Relaxation. But that relaxation goes out the window when you realize you have forgotten your ultra-strong sunblock and you're spending the next few days in the Caribbean.

Rest assured, our TTS experts have put together a fool-proof list of your nautical cruise essentials, so you will not have to play an at-sea version of the"Hunger Games" with all 3,000 cruise passengers, who also forgot their essentials!



Toss those travel-size products into your purse or pocket. Either way, they will help you keep your #selfies on point! This may seem like an obvious thing to bring, but you would be surprised to see how many travelers always leave crucial toiletry behind. Full-sized products take up too much space, and you won't need all of it on a 7-day cruise anyways. With that in mind, leave those at home under lock and key away from the kids. Added bonus: bringing smaller skincare products leaves more room in your suitcase for bikinis and hair accessories! And don't fret, travel-sized products hold the same award-winning effects as the regular-sized ones.



If you are on a cruise surrounded by water, onboard pools, and (at times) beaches, there is no room to stress about your valuables, so you will want something waterproof. If you don’t want to worry about your possessions being left in the sand while you are swimming, consider bringing a small waterproof bag that you can hang around your neck or put in your pocket. You can hold things such as cash, IDs, cards, and keys. That is one stress out the window!



You never know when an upset stomach is going to strike, or when a headache just won’t go away. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you bring your own medications. Getting sick can put a damper on your relaxing getaway unless you come prepared, and no one knows your body better than yourself.



A retractable line and clothespins may seem like the most out of place and questionable items on this guide, but these two things take up no space and come in handy in a pinch. Say goodbye to those days of throwing wet bathing suits over the shower door and say hello to your own portable drying area. With little sacrifice to your space, this organized approach will guarantee dry and clean clothes without the hefty spend on dry cleaning services.

Whether you are planning your first cruise or fiftieth, keep these essentials in mind when packing time comes around and it will be smooth sailing ahead!


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