Let's talk about Mother's Day gifts. Your mother was likely the first step in your self-care journey, from learning small steps like how to bathe properly, progressing over time to daily skincare and body care rituals. And she did this with all the love in the world, so why not show her love on Mother’s Day with a bit of self-care in return. 

This year treat her to a soothing experience she can enjoy at home, in between your spa days together. Our experts have done the gift search for you and compiled a list of some of our most love self-care items for every style of mom.


She's always on the go, whether it's flying to a new destination, heading to the gym, leading meetings or running errand after errand. Give her a moment of relief by gifting her items that ease her mind and body such as the ELEMIS Aching Muscle Super Soak paired with the Musclease Active Body Oil - both de-stress the body while nourishing the skin.


While creating a beautiful life inside, show your mom-to-be some self-care love with an oil meant to nourish and moisturize her skin. A celebrity-favorite, especially touted by Victoria Beckham during her pregnancies, is the Japanese Camellia Oil Blend, designed to prevent stretch marks and reduce scar tissue.


Sleepless nights, long meetings, running around, cooking at home, making it to your events, and being your cheerleader – all while building their empire. Treat her like the queen she is with self-care gifts meant to put her best face forward. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal paired with the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix will have her looking well-rested during her meetings. For a bath ritual fit for a goddess, add our loved Skin Nourishing Milk Bath for those moments of peace at home.


For the mother who focuses on internal wellness, create their holistic gift basket using herbal supplements meant to take care of her from the inside out. Some of our fan favorites include JOU Longevity (maintains vision, joint, and muscle strength), JOU Tranquility (decreases anxiety and stress in the body), and Jou Cold N' Flu Remedy (maintains a healthy immune system and shortens colds).


In between her visits to the spa, give her the gift of a self-love ritual at home. But first, she needs the right tools. A go-to is the award-winning NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer, known to give her a ‘Five Minute Face Lift.’ This device improves facial contour and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a more radiant, younger-looking mom. Pair this with a nourishing facial oil for an extra boost!

Gift: done. Now don't forget the card - and maybe some flowers for good measure. Here's to making Mom feel extra special on Mother's Day!


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