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With wellness at top of mind, why not bring it into every aspect of your home by taking out the old and bringing in the new, positive energy that is. For some it can mean making new memories with people you love. For others, it takes a more physical approach of changing the colors inside your home, bringing in new things that remind you of what you want to do and be daily or simply cleaning. 

Whatever method, each has an impact on your mind, body and spirit. Here are just a few ways to renew, refresh and restyle your abode:

Diffuse Essential Oils

Scents impact our wellness, and aromatherapy is tried and true. It doesn’t just smell good, it can ease stress, anxiety and help with depression. You can easily apply a few drops to a diffuser or place those drops on your body. 

Lemon: Associated with cleanliness and freshness, this essential oil has a powerful effect on mood. Studies suggest lemon oil vapor has antidepressant qualities and elevates anti-stress hormones.

Eucalyptus: Known for its anti-bacterial effects, diffusing this in your home not only freshens up the room, but also serves as a great air purifier.

Rosemary: If you need a concentration boost or feel a cold coming on, this is your go-to. Rosemary oil has been found to stimulate the body and mind by increasing your brain wave activity and the heart and respiratory rates.

Jasmine: This fragrant flower gives your home and beautiful scent that imparts serenity. When worn on the body, it decreases PMS symptoms.

Lavender: World-renowned for its potent effects, Lavender oil eases the mind and helps you slip into a gentle slumber.

Chamomile: This tiny, inconspicuous flower is a triple threat! It has an amazing, soothing scent for your home, tones the skin and aids in digestion. 

Rose:  What can't it do? It's beautiful as a flower. As a scent, studies show it is a great stress-reliever and awakens the mind. In liquid form, it clears the skin and reduces scarring and wrinkles.


Smudge with SAGE

In Latin, Sage means ‘to heal’ and it works to rid your home of stale energy. Set your intentions as your ‘smudge stick’ cleans the energy in your home. With doors and windows open, walk through each room, cleansing the space.


Rejuvenate with Flowers

Flowers promote happiness, while reducing depression and anxiety. According to research conducted by Texas A&M, plants in the home and workplace help people concentrate and can improve memory performance by 20%, so why not add in a bit of green.


Renew Your Sleep Sanctuary

We spend nearly a third of our life in bed. Creating a soothing sleep sanctuary is vital to productivity, so make your bed before anything else when you wake up. To keep things fresh in the bedroom, replace your sheets every six months! Oh and that essential oil you use on yourself, dab a bit on your pillow, as well! 


Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors make energy flow and vinegar attracts positive energies. Try to clean your mirrors with vinegar and salt water, to generate better energy flow within your home. 


Picture Wall

Seeing your priceless moments displayed in an easy-to-see spot helps remind you of great times and how much more are in store.  This simple addition helps lift your mood and create a positive environment within your home.


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