Reaching your fitness goals requires drive, dedication and a few workout essentials for your home. While a visit to the gym is always great, having a few items that take little to no space can help motivate you to stay moving and healthy. With that in mind, our fitness experts have put together a list of simple items to improve your at-home workouts. Just grab an item and start working out while listening to your favorite songs or simply watching your favorite show.


Hand Weights

A great addition to your workout from home routine, they are ideal for strength training exercises. Simply select your desired weights and use them to tone your arms and upgrade your full-body workout.


Jump Rope

This provides an amazing cardio exercise that tones your entire body, sculpts your arms, tightens your abs and leans out your legs. Best of all, it takes up little to no space in your home or suitcase (for those traveling workouts.)



If your muscles are sore, try lathering a bit of ELEMIS Instant Refreshing Gel to revive those muscles and relieve tired legs.


Tension Bands

These are an easy-to-use exercise tool that comes in various lengths and tensions. Opt for looped bands for simple arm, glute and leg workouts. If you’re traveling, pop them into your suitcase for quick workouts.


Yoga Mat

A mat is ideal for a relaxing yoga session, meditation spot, or as a comfortable spot during your workouts at home or outdoors. Select a color or pattern that inspires you and start your sweat session!

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Yoga Blocks

Master your yoga practice with blocks that improve your poses, support your back, head and hips as well as assisting with correct alignment. They are an easy addition to your workout and useful for reaching your pose goals!



If hand weights aren’t your thing, add in a kettlebell to your at-home workout toolkit. Often made of cast iron or steel, they are quite heavy and a helpful way to push yourself in cardio, strength and flexibility training. Pop it under the bed or in your closet when you’re done.


Foam Roller

Glide and roll your way to relief with this heaven-sent essential. Using one of these post-workouts can reduce muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation. Continuous use helps you increase your range of motion. You can also use it pre-workout as a warmup for your muscles!


Post-Workout TLC

Once you’ve completed your workout, make sure to show your body some TLC with a relaxing self-care ritual that soothes your muscles and mind. Draw a bath, lay back and relax in your tub using ELEMIS Aching Muscle Super Soak which relieves aching muscles and joints, energizes the body and boosts a sluggish circulation. You’ll be ready to up to the ante for your next workout!


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