Looking through #longhairgoals on social media won't do the trick to repair your lacking locks. Undernourished hair can affect your confidence, but reviving frayed strands is a commitment to whole-body wellness. Get your hair growing and glowing right from your home!  

Hair follicles have various phases in their life cycle. They bloom from the skin on our scalp during the active growth phase, known as Anagen, which lasts a couple of years. Then the hair shaft is nourished, for two weeks, as it moves up towards the skin's surface in the Catagen transitional stage. As it prepares for a three-month resting period, hair begins to separate from the follicle, before culminating in shedding. 

Shedding can last for more extended periods and be correlated with deficiencies of iron, zinc, and vitamin D. Increasing your intake of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds, yogurt, and cereal can improve scalp health and combat shedding. Another technique to stimulate hair follicle growth is massaging coconut oil and Argan oil to strengthen dull, dry, and brittle hair.

Maintaining clean follicles is crucial to preventing blockages. Savvy expert insiders suggest strengthening locks using an old cotton t-shirt rather than towel drying. Another technique is sleeping on silk pillowcases to reduce the friction between hair and fabric. Air-drying hair overnight will minimize heat-induced damage from styling tools, and if you don't mind sleeping with damp hair, try weaving loose braids and topknots using silk scrunchies to inflict less stress on your strands.


Establishing a good hair-care routine is critical. Weekly hair revitalizations infuse hair with a high concentration of active ingredients like pro-keratin proteins, which are essential in the regeneration, growth, and repair of damaged hair. Applying a weekly treatment mask, like K Resistance Masque  is a targeted approach to strengthening follicles and preventing split-ends while reconstructing fibers.


You are what you eat. Our bodies require the right nutrients to maintain healthier hair and scalp. A balanced diet with at least 45 grams of protein-rich foods daily like poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and foods rich in Vitamins C and E like berries, spinach, and avocados help boost collagen production for stronger strands.


One-third of women experience hair loss linked to physical and emotional stress, according to Harvard Medical School . Our scalp skin stresses when we stress, which is why good self-care is vital in reducing anxiety. Meditation, yoga, massages, naps, and face masking for better health, means a better you. It's why a weekly self-care routine focusing on hair, skin, and nails needs to be on your to-do list.  

Hair health can also be impacted by negative elements like harsh shampoo, intense coloring treatments, and unnecessary brushing, which aggravate the scalp and contribute to undermining the hairs' ability to grow. Lifestyle choices such as overconsumption of alcohol, crash dieting, and scorching showers can also play a role in hindering the growth of healthy hair. A quick zap of cold-water to finish a shower will seal the cuticles and boost shine. Let’s get to growing and glowing your mane!  




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