We know you’re dying to get that natural tanned look, but it is important that you stay cool throughout. To do so, try incorporating some of these refreshing foods into your summer meals.

Satisfy Your Muscles
Whatever activity you may be doing, it is most likely that you are going to be breaking a sweat in this scorching summer heat. To stay hydrated and keep your muscles charged, we recommend trying this Strawberry, Feta, and Almond summer salad.

Get Cookin’
Prepare the dressing in one bowl:

1. Stir together mustard, honey, sliced shallot, and vinegar.

2. Add olive oil

3. Sprinkle salt and pepper

4. In a larger bowl, gather the lettuce

5. Top it off with strawberries, feta, and almonds

6. Drizzle dressing, toss it all together, and enjoy!

This salad is a perfect balance of deliciousness and healthiness. The strawberries have a high water content so they will help keep you hydrated. Not to mention, they can also help curb those sugary cravings. To help keep you full, almonds, packed with proteins and fats, are sprinkled in! To top it all off, Feta cheese has Vitamin B, healthy fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory components. It's a summer win-win!

TTS Insider: For a fun family activity try going strawberry picking. You’ll be preparing for your upcoming tasty creation while having fun!


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