We have heard them all, but for the sake of getting the record straight, we want to share a few of the most popular hair care myths we should all stop believing if we want to reach our hair goals.

Myth #1: If you pull out a gray hair, 10 more grow back in its place.

This is one of the most shared hair myths among multiple generations and it is false. Only one hair grows back in its place, so rest assured that you will not have multiple gray hairs growing back if you pull one out. Simply put, gray hair is a follicle that is lacking pigment, meaning all the melanin is gone from it so it would act in the same manner as your pigmented hair if pulled out.

Myth #2: You should brush your hair while it is wet.

This is only partially true. Once you have washed your hair, use a loose comb to style and part your hair. Make sure to be gentle as your hair is more malleable when it’s wet. Let it dry to about 50 percent before brushing it again and then start fully styling your hair with your preferred hot styling tools such as your hairdryer.  To minimize breakage and heat damage, make sure to use a heat protectant or hair oil prior to styling.

Myth #3: Hair grows slower in warmer weather.

This is false. Hair actually grows faster in warmer climates. Due to the extended periods of sun and higher temperatures, warmer weather boosts the supply of nutrients needed for the production of keratin protein in your hair. The boost in the production of this protein, which is essential to hair growth, means your hair grows faster. Make sure not to overdo it as too much exposure to sun and high temperatures can dry out your hair.  

Myth #4: You should wash your hair every day.

While your hair’s needs may vary due to your specific lifestyle, it is actually not great for your hair’s health when you wash it and pile on products each day. The typical rule of thumb is to wash your hair about 2 to 3 times per week. This routine is enough to keep your hair clean and nourished without stripping your locks of natural oils your body produces to keep it healthy and hydrated. Too much washing can actually dry out your scalp and expose your locks to additional breakage.

Myth #5: The harder you wash your hair, the more effective your product will be.

By putting more pressure on your scalp and scrubbing it like a pan with grease stuck to it, you could actually be hurting it. You should gently wash your hair using your fingertips while massaging your scalp in circular motions. It is better for you to do this a bit longer instead of scrubbing your scalp. The massaging motion also helps to stimulate the follicles, and may we say, it is quite a relaxing experience.   

With these myths out of the way, we want to share additional hair care advice imparted by our Lead Hair Care Specialist Jess Heger who had a virtual conversation and trivia session with Holland America Line’s Brand Ambassador Seth Wayne. You can find the full video below.


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