With sweater weather here, it's time to update your look. More than switching out your wardrobe, your hair also deserves attention when the seasons change.

Here's what to keep in mind to freshen up your hair care routine, color, cut, and style for fall 2021:


Embrace The Warmth

Bright highlights are fun for summer, but it’s time to tone down your look to complement the warmer colors of fall. The beauty gurus at Vogue recommended how to adjust your hair color for autumn based on which hue you’re rocking at the moment:

Blondes should go for dimension with butterscotch lowlights and subtle golden highlights.

Brunettes can experiment with darker shades to get rid of red or orange tones leftover from summer.

Redheads should avoid cool undertones, working in warmer hues like auburn.

Ravens may want to add violet or red tones for a cool-girl cold-weather look.

Glamour further advised that subtle color changes are key for a smooth transition from summer to fall.


Get A Fresh Cut

There's something about a new season that lends itself to a new look. As far as haircuts go, this year's fall trends are leaning toward soft and sweeping curtain bangs or blunt mini bangs, contoured layers, a classic French bob, or rounded bob. Take your pick as to which style is to your liking. If you are unsure about what style fits your face shape, take a look at this easy guide.


Switch To A Fall Hair Care Routine

While healthy hair never goes out of style, the same hair care routine throughout the year may be leaving your locks lacking. For each season, as you would your skincare, there are products you take out and others you add into the mix. For instance, in the fall, your hair may need extra hydration due to changing temperatures. Try adding in a weekly hair mask that provides that additional hydration or include a daily nourishing hair oil for an extra layer of protection.


A Stylish Hat Or Two Won’t Hurt

Now you have an excuse to buy that stylish wide-brim wool fedora – hair and scalp care. With the changing temperatures, your hair and scalp might become strained. Opt for protecting them by adding in a stylish hat from time to time. Did we mention this cuts hair styling time? It’s a win-win!


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