Winter can be a sort of catch-22 for the skin. The air outdoors is harsh and cold, sucking moisture from your complexion, while indoor heaters can dry out the skin further. Fortunately, there are ways to adjust your winter skincare routine to protect your skin against the elements this time of year. Here's how to winterproof your skin, from head to toe, using these simple winter skin care tips.


Fortify Your Skin With Antioxidants

Year-round, antioxidants are key to healthy skin that's moisturized, smooth, and supple, especially during the winter. By adding more antioxidants into your winter skincare routine, you are essentially giving it extra tools to protect itself against the harsh weather. A winter skincare product loved by our guests is the ELEMIS Skin Bliss Capsules. They contain a unique antioxidant complex that counteracts the damaging effects of pollution and environmental stress on the skin. Formulated with Moringa Oil, the capsules are also ultra-moisturizing to help protect your skin's outer barrier to keep moisture in, even in harsh winter weather. Apply the capsules at night throughout the winter to strengthen your complexion's seasonal defenses.


Moisturize More Often

Ramp up moisturization in the winter to help your skin look supple and radiant, while adding an extra layer of hydration – especially for those extra cold days. Instead of applying a load of the same moisturizer, a simple switch is to add an ultra-rich cream into your morning routine. One habit that shouldn't change during any season is applying SPF daily. Always make sure you apply it before going outside, even on cloudy or snowy days!


Don’t Neglect Your Body

While your skincare routine may be ironclad, don’t forget to focus on the rest of your body, especially the portions that may be exposed to harsher temperatures. Apply a nourishing body cream daily. To prevent painful cracks and dryness on your hands and feet, apply ELEMIS Skin Nourishing Body Cream after your shower or bath. Packed with Vitamin E, starflower, and camellia tea seed oils, this indulgent body cream replenishes and softens the skin while providing an extra layer of hydration. If you find that you do not have time to do this, try keeping a cream at your desk or a travel-size in your purse.


Avoid Hot Showers

It's tempting to take long, hot showers during the winter, but the high temperature can dry out skin even more. Instead, opt for a cooler temperature and curl up in a fluffy bathrobe and heated blanket after your shower. If you can't let go of those steamy showers, use an ultra-hydrating body oil or moisturizer as soon as you have dried off. You may also want to buy a humidifier for your home as it can help replenish moisture lost due to indoor heaters.


Hydrate Your Locks

Switch out your shampoo and conditioner with the change of the season to those that provide a boost of moisture and nourishment that may be lost with the changing temperatures. To add an extra layer of hydration and frizz control, apply leave-in hair oil before styling your hair. You will thank us when you arrive to spring with fewer split ends and dry hair!

And whenever you head outside, be sure to don a hat, scarf, and mittens or gloves to provide an extra layer of protection for your skin and hair!


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