For such a soft and pretty attribute, hair has a whole lot of enemies. Air that's too humid, air that's too dry, hot, weather, cold weather - are your strands ever satisfied? One of the top threats to perfect tresses is rain. Precipitation seems to make your hair frizzy and puffy while somehow simultaneously making it flatter. Your gut feeling says it's some kind of cruel joke the universe likes to play on you, like it's pointing and laughing while yelling "If the rain delaying your commute and soaking your socks wasn't enough, why don't you have a terrible hair day, too!"

What Happens To Hair On Rainy Days?

It turns out there's science at play here and not just an angry atmosphere with a personal vendetta against you. Each fiber of your hair is composed of packets of keratin proteins. These protein packets form two types of bonds: permanent bonds that provide each hair's strength and hydrogen bonds that are created as your hair dries. These hydrogen bonds are weak and only last for a brief while.

"Increasing humidity and moisture in the atmosphere cause an increase in this bonding, resulting in each fiber folding back on itself and becoming curlier and frizzier," said Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a hair and scalp expert at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York, in an interview with Birchbox.

Believe it or not, you can still have good hair on a rainy day. So as your hair bounces between dry and wet throughout the day, it's bonding over and over again. Too much bonding is stressful for anyone - just think about that 2-week vacation you went on with your husband's family a few years ago. Luckily, you're not destined to be powerless against precipitation. There are some simple tips and tricks you can use that will protect your hair on rainy days.


Surrender The Straightener

The first thing you can do to set yourself up for shiny tresses even during a rainstorm is to set down your straightener. Everyone has a unique, one-of-a-kind hair texture, and rainy days are a perfect opportunity to practice a little gratitude and work with what your mother gave you.

On a humid, rainy day, your hair absorbs moisture out of the air. If you've got dry, parched strands, you may be thinking that this extra moisture sounds great, but the absorption process actually makes hair even frizzier, noted The Hair Web. If you try straightening your hair on a rainy day, you only add to the inevitable frizz, so it's best to just let things be.

If you must use your hair straightener, use products that will provide heat protection while also hydrating your hair.


If You Can, Begin The Day Before

A perfect hair day might be a stretch, but for a decent hair day on a rainy day, it's vital to think ahead and strategize your approach. Start by hitting the showers the night before the rain is on the forecast, suggested The Fashion Spot, since your beauty rest will give your hair enough time to deflate a bit and smooth out frizz. During your shower or bath, opt for a hair mask that helps to smooth your hair fibers.


Strategically Use Anti-Frizz Products (Not Too Much)

On a rainy morning, start making some calculated adjustments by strategically using a little mousse or anti-humidity product. KÉRASTASE Discipline Anti Frizz Smoothing Spray worked through hair is the best defense for the frizz battle to come.

Before you head out to the trenches, toss a travel bottle of styling cream in your bag - it will help repair any damage gained from the black ops mission to get to your office. By making sure your hair is adequately moisturized before you march courageously into the rain, you can reduce the amount of water your hair absorbs from the air.


Try Simple Rain-Proof Hair Styles

If you have a special dinner or work function to attend and absolutely need your hair to be in impeccable shape, you'll have to get creative with your styling. Updos or tight braids are best because they keep the hair out of the face and contained, even in the face of strong winds or stubborn downpours.

"Dreary weather can be maddening but don't let that get in the way of feeling great about your look," said hairstylist Ted Gibson in an interview with The Huffington Post. "On humid, rainy days I would recommend a top knot, braid or try a side braided bun."

If you prefer to cut your styling time, this is a great opportunity to use a fashionable hat or headband to control the frizz. So don't stress if rain is on the forecast. With these options, you can rock great-looking tresses through even the most intense rainstorm.


Avoid Touching Your Hair

Once your hair is humidity-ready, avoid touching your beautiful tresses. Why? When you run your fingers through your hair – it can let moisture into the shaft which could make your hair more likely to frizz up (and after all your preparation, who would want that).

Whether you’re dealing with frizzy hair in the humidity or trying to keep your blowout from going limp in the rain, we’ve got you covered. With these easy tips, you can have gorgeous locks all year long – rain or shine. What are your favorite rainy-day hairstyles? Share with us by tagging @timetospa on your preferred social channel. We can’t wait to see them!


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