Mindfulness is all the rage these days and for good reason. It has been proven to improve your focus, boost energy levels, reduce stress symptoms but most importantly it will make you a happier and nicer person, according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. So how does one go about practicing mindfulness? There are plenty of simple ways that can help bring this (and its benefits) into your everyday living:


Stop & Breathe

When your brain feels like it's running a mile a minute, stop and breathe. When you take a few seconds to compose yourself, you'll be surprised how much calmer you feel almost instantaneously. Avoid distractions, including your phone, as the idea is to do absolutely nothing for a few minutes to let your mind switch off for a moment. A few deep breaths and you'll be ready to take on the rest of your day.


Clear Your Mind With Meditation

Stress can lead us down a path of pessimism and irritability. Instead of falling into the dark hole, practice one on the main pillars of mindfulness. Meditation is the tried-and-true way to drastically improve your overall well-being. Just a few minutes a day can reduce stress, help you focus your mind, and connect with your body. Here's a simple meditation practice to begin with.


Connect With Your Emotions

Whether they're uplifting or entirely dire, try not to run away from your feelings. Burying them only causes more worry and distraction, whereas confronting them gives you a chance to deal with what is bothering you. A simple, yet effective way is journaling. Ask yourself how you feel that day and begin writing. The act of writing them down can also help provide relief and clarity. Try this daily or weekly.


Practice Consistency, Not Perfection

This can be really difficult for some of us, but mindfulness advises us to let go of the things we can't control. Incessant worrying about what we can't change weighs us down with negativity. This includes the little mistake you made at work or the friend who constantly bails on you. Let it go. Everything will be fine, and you'll feel lighter when you give up the worry of being perfect. Instead, practice consistency with the thoughts and actions that bring positivity into your life. This can be as simple as focusing on a positive affirmation when a negative thought or worry comes to mind.


The beauty of practicing mindfulness is that it comes in so many forms and can be done anywhere. The key is your commitment to maintaining your inner peace and full presence in each moment.


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