If you're lacking in the significant other department come Valentine's Day, don't spend the day feeling down about yourself. Your love isn't limited to others. Instead, shower yourself with affection - and don't feel guilty about it!

Get inspired with these fabulous ways to spend Valentine's Day:


Celebrate with your best guys and gals

Friends are the family you can choose, so celebrate the unconditional love you have for the ones who are always there for you. Invite them over for a classic sleepover or host a decadent dinner party. As long as there's wine and food, you'll be set for the night. The same goes for your mom - if she doesn't have any romantic plans of her own, treat her to dinner or your favorite girl's night activities.


Spoil yourself

You should treat yourself all of the time, but especially on Valentine's Day. Have the self-care night you're always meaning to have, or binge watch Netflix without worrying about what else you could be doing instead. Splurge on something out of the norm, like lingerie, shoes that aren't on sale or a day at the spa. Definitely buy yourself flowers. Plus, you're guaranteed to love your Valentine's Day gift if you picked it out yourself.


Cross something off your bucket list

You've been meaning to go to that exhibit for weeks, see that movie everyone says is incredible, plan a weekend getaway and maybe somehow find the time to read at least one book a month. So do it on Valentine's Day! Take yourself on a date or set aside the time to do something you've been wanting to do.


Cuddle with your pet

Puppy therapy is real! They may not have any clue that it's Valentine's Day, but your dog, cat, bunny or other pets will be anxiously waiting for you to get home. Give them an extra hug and enjoy some quiet time with your main squeeze. Don't have a pet? Not to encourage any bad decisions, but maybe Valentine's Day could be the time for you to bring home a new furry friend. If it's not the right time to fall in love with a new pet, head over to a friend's house to hang with theirs.

If you're not a fan of the romantic holiday whether you're in a relationship or not, don't sweat it! Treat it like any other day. However, you're a strong, independent single who knows how to make yourself happy, so go for it! You deserve it - even without the excuse of Valentine's Day.


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