Maintaining soft and supple long hair amid the joyous beach and poolside activities during the summertime can be quite a challenge. The sun, although enjoyable, can take a toll on your hair's health. However, worry not, as we have some essential healthy haircare tips, including our top recommendation for healthy hair, to ensure your locks look their absolute best throughout the entire summer season!

Analyze & Adjust  Your Healthy Hair Routine


It is no secret that chlorine, saltwater, and the harsh sun can damage your hair over time, but there are ways to prevent damage and strengthen it in the process. To start, take a look at what you are using to wash and condition your hair. Does it have ingredients that nourish it or is it simply stripping the dirt, sweat, and oils away? Make sure the products you are using are cleaning your hair but are not so harsh that they are stripping some of the natural oils that keep your mane beautiful, healthy, and protected. You can do everything however if your daily hair routine is lacking or uses products that may do more harm than help, you will fall short of your healthy hair goals. 

Prevent Frizz & Split Ends 


Finally, invest in products that protect your hair from the heat of styling tools such as thermal spray which helps to create a barrier around each strand of

Post-hair washing, make sure you have a nourishing hair oil that will control frizz, seal split ends, and protect your hair from heat damage due to styling. A favorite of our visitors is KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil which does all of the above and then more. This all-star leave-in hair oil gives your hair a serious injection of antioxidants, shine and nutrition for 48 hours. Did we mention the exquisitely luxurious floral scent? Imagine subtle notes of Violet leaf, Freesia and Mandarin with a hint of woody scents. Weekly, make sure to lather on a hair mask that replenishes your hair, helps rebuild the fibers and gives it that extra nourishment it may need. It is as easy as showering, lathering it on and then watching your favorite show as it works its magic. Look at you living your best life. 

Have the Right Home Hair Styling Tools


Now that you have the basics, let's get down to the tools you absolutely need to get that salon-worthy hairstyle. Let's dive in, shall we?

Not only are they less harsh on your hair than hair ties, they also give some nice curls when used with an overnight treatment. A pack of these is low in cost and full of uses. Keep them in your summer bag, by the bed and in your car for easy use! Their size also makes it easier to find than most hair ties! An easy ritual is to use your favorite hair oil at night and use a scrunchie to keep your hair in a bun. You'll wake up with nice soft curls. 

A Proper Hair Dryer
Not all hair dryers are created equally and if you skimp on this tool, you may end up paying for it with the overall health of your hair. Opt for a hairdryer equipped with ceramic, tourmaline or ionic technology. Ceramic dryers are believed to be the least damaging since they distribute heat evenly and dry your hair from the inside out. Tourmaline dryers are also a gentler approach since they generate heat through positive and negative ions for a fast dry without stripping the hair of moisture. They are also great for a frizz-free finish. For those with curly or wavy hair, ionic dryers are your best bet since they break down water molecules in your hair to decrease dry time.  

Ceramic Styling Brush
Much of the damage caused to your hair can also come from not using the proper tools during your in-home styling session. Opt for a styling brush that helps smooth your hair, protects it from heat damage, and is comfortable to use. One of our favorites can be bought with the push of a button and leaves your hair voluminous with shine thanks to the boar bristles. Find it here. For daily styling and great heat and anti-static features, opt for a brush with tourmaline, ceramic or ionic bristles like this beloved brush. Make sure to toss your brush if you see the bristles coming apart or breaking as this can cause split ends with repeated use. 

Styling Hair Clips
These are a must for any salon-worthy styling at home and they cost next to nothing. They will speed up your styling time and allow you to work on each section of your hair properly, so you don’t miss a spot! They are also great for holding your hair in place while you are slipping into your favorite outfit. Simply pop them off when you are ready to go! One of our favorites comes in fun colors. Find them here.

Texturizing Spray
This is key for anyone wanting to raise the volume of their hair or master that perfectly messy look that accentuates your hair’s natural shape. Needless to say, it’s versatile and powerful when used properly. For a voluminous look, toss your dry hair forward spritz it onto the back of your locks and flip your hair back up. For a wavy look, spritz it post-shower and crimp your hair using your hands. This is one product that will help you reach various styles.

Smoothing Spray
For those flyways or unruly or very curly hair, opt for a smoothing spray that will help tame your mane. Simply spray it section by section throughout the lengths of your towel-dried, damp hair, massage it in, and then proceed to blow-dry. This will enhance manageability, smooth the follicles for a cleaner look and provide anti-frizz and heat protection while also softening your locks. One of our most beloved is the KÉRASTASE Discipline Anti Frizz Smoothing Spray, which does all of the above.


Stock Up On Vitamins For Hair Growth


Most known for its ability to help with hair growth, Biotin has been shown to do wonders for those struggling with hair loss or thinning hair. A plus; it also helps strengthen and grow your finger and toe nails. You can take it in pill or powder form which makes it an easy addition to your routine. Make sure to stay within the proper dosage.

Vitamin A
The cells in your body need Vitamin A to grow and as the fastest growing tissue in your body, hair needs this to be healthy. Vitamin A also helps your skin glands make sebum which keeps your scalp moist, preventing dandruff. Studies have shown a diet deficient of this vitamin could lead to hair loss. While important, stick to the directed amount as too much of this could also lead to hair loss.

Vitamin C
This is one of those vitamins that work in many beautiful ways to improve your skin, hair, and health from the inside out. Vitamin C prevents free radical damage in your body which causes aging of the skin and hair. Its powerful antioxidant capabilities and ability to boost collagen production in your body make it crucial for healthy skin and hair!

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