Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. You're craving what? - Learn why
  2. Mastering the no-mani mani
  3. Don't let blisters detract from your favorite pumps
  4. 3 beard styles to know and love
  5. How can men reduce the risk for ingrown hairs?
  6. Your guide to getting a bikini wax before your cruise
  7. Your guide to body brushing and draining
  8. Products to share (or steal) from your guy
  9. To wax or shave, that is the question
  10. Supplementing skin care routines with a healthier diet
  11. Stay gorgeous, globe trotter: Beauty tips for air travel
  12. Traveling tips: Flying with luxury
  13. How to pack your travel makeup case
  14. Your cruise hop-on-and-off cruise traveler beauty kit
  15. How to pamper your skin during your cruise vacation
  16. How to harness the power of marine extracts on your cruise
  17. 3 books to bring on your cruise
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