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Mini Tiered Offer

ELEMIS LIFE ELIXIRS Mindful Collection

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Choose a LIFE ELIXIR for whatever you need, whenever you need it. A collection of five miniature Bath & Shower Elixirs for every mood. Read more

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  • Description
    Whether you need to quieten your mind, harmonise your inner dynamism, or bring things into sharp focus, these are the five emotional essentials designed to support you throughout your day and bring you back to yourself.

    Calm is a soothing blend containing Clary Sage, Lavandin and Rosewood to help calm daily stresses, leaving the senses feeling relaxed and tranquil.

    Clarity is an invigorating blend containing Bitter Orange, Cardamom and Ginger, to help support mindfulness, clear thinking and awareness.

    Fortitude is an empowering blend containing Geranium, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang to ground you throughout the day and leave the senses feeling strong to the core.

    Embrace is an exhilarating blend containing Vetiver, Frankincense and Rose Pepper to ignite the senses and inspire a sense of adventure.

    Sleep is a deeply relaxing blend containing Patchouli, Elemi and Palmarosa, proven* to leave you feeling well rested.

    Calm Bath & Shower Elixir 6ml e 0.2 US fl. oz.
    Clarity Bath & Shower Elixir 6ml e 0.2 US fl. oz.
    Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir 6ml e 0.2 US fl. oz.
    Embrace Bath & Shower Elixir 6ml e 0.2 US fl. oz.
    Sleep Bath & Shower Elixir 6ml e 0.2 US fl. oz.

    *Independent User Trials of the Sleep Bath & Shower Elixir aroma based on 60 people over 1 week.

    Bath and Shower Elixirs – Can I use when pregnant?

    These have been expertly formulated with a unique complex of 4 beautiful oils consisting of Bacuri, Amaranth, Sweet Almond and Poppy Seed, blended with up to 19 essential oils for maximum skin health. This complex synergy does not use single, high concentrations of any one essential oil, it is all about the total blend. However, as a precaution, ELEMIS would recommend not to use during pregnancy.

    During pregnancy, we highly recommend Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend and Skin Nourishing Milk Bath to nourish and hydrate, improve elasticity of the skin and nurture the body.

    Perfume Oils – Can I use when pregnant?

    Yes, these can be used during pregnancy.

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