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EnduraStep by GoodFeet SL4000

94% of 100
As low as $199.00
EnduraStep by GoodFeet SL4000
EnduraStep by GoodFeet SL4000 EnduraStep by GoodFeet SL4000

Go from “ow” to “ah” in one step with the innovative design and intense comfort of the EnduraStep SL4000 arch support. Say goodbye to sore, aching joints and muscles and hello to comfort with a product designed to alleviate and possibly completely eliminate foot, knee and back pain.

Uniquely designed to support all four of the foot’s arches, which are the body’s foundation. This support is designed to increase postural alignment and evenly distribute body weight. Reducing stress and strain from poor alignment and additional weight and pressure on overworked joints and muscles helps to alleviate pain once and for all.

Features a slim, sleek design which fits in most shoes, sandals and high heels. With the EnduraStep SL4000 you have nothing to lose but your pain and discomfort. 

Your feet should have been fitted on board for your correct sizing. We do not recommend purchasing this product if you have not been fitted on board.

5 Year Limited Warranty.

Step into comfort like never before with our NEW Good Feet (formerly Endurastep) Arrivals:

Good Feet Everyday Support 

Good Feet Active Arch Support 

Unique mix of compounds polymers and Low density polyethylene
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