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Wellness Coach
Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

Byron Blackwood is a former Australian Rules Footballer, current Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer, wellness industry expert, and TIMETOSPA contributor. Since 2011, Byron has worked as a personal trainer onboard Cruise Lines fulfilling his desire to travel the world and help people reach their fitness goals. For the past few years, Byron has been innovating and launching wellness programs in our spas on board more than 150 cruise ships.

His personal training and fitness management career began in his native Australia where he successfully transformed his clients who were looking to change their nutritional habits and lose weight by focusing on nutrition and supplementation. Fitness and sports have been pillars in Byron’s life since he was young. Growing up he participated in many sports which lead to his professional athletic career and his on-going interest in the fitness world. Byron currently resides in Miami, Florida. His interests include reading a good book, enjoying gourmet food, and spending the day at the beach.


Workouts – like nutrition choices – should be based on one simple rule: Will it help or hinder my results?






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