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  1. Phytocyane Revitalizing Treatment for temporary thinning
    Phytocyane Revitalizing Treatment for temporary thinning
    Formulated for those experiencing temporary hair loss due to seasonal changes, medication, stress, pregnancy or menopause.
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  2. Phytophanére
    Dietary supplement that provides nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants needed to promote healthy hair, strengthens nails, illuminates skin and fortify lashes. 
  3. Phytolisse Express Smoothing Mask
    Phytolisse Express Smoothing Mask
    An express mask rich in pine pulp to effectively straighten and smooth unruly hair.
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  4. Phytopolleine Universal Scalp Elixir
    Phytopolleine Universal Scalp Elixir
    This 100% essential oil blend instantly purifies and stimulates micro-circulation to balance the scalp and energize hair. Ideal for those suffering from a dry or oily scalp.
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