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Jou Cool n Calm - Dietary Supplement

  • $95.00

Use as part of your diet to help maintain health. 270 capsules. Read more

Size: 270 capsules

Only 2 Available

  • Description
    Use as part of your diet to help maintain health.

    All herbs used within Jou are wild and/or organic. Jou only uses organic roots, grasses, petals, fruits, stems, seeds and woods that are crushed and contained within a vegetarian capsule.
    *If you are on medication prescribed by your Doctor, then ask their advice before ingesting Jou herbal remedies.

  • How To Use

    Take 3 capsules, 3 times a day and repeat the following jou 3 times: "My body is pure and perfectly balanced."

  • Ingredients
    Organic Rehmannia, Organic Moutan root bark,Organic Schisandra fruit, Organic Ligustrum,Organic Eclipta herb, Organic Gardenia fruit,Organic White Peony root, Mother of Pearl,Organic Poria, Organic Wheat, Organic Angelica,Organic Yam, Organic Alisma root
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