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Nikki Moustaki


Well-Being Tips

  • THE FLOWER OF YOUTH by Nikki Moustaki | April 11, 2013 There are organisms on the planet that have lived through the rise and fall of civilizations, from the first cave drawings scratched on the wall with a sharp stone to Snooki getting tipsy in a Jacuzzi on The Jersey Shore. Read More...


Skincare Solutions | Well-Being Tips

  • mode_sm.jpg
    Water A La Mode by Nikki Moustaki | May 13, 2010 The door is closed and locked. It’s just you, a yellow rubber ducky, and a bathtub filled with your personal lagoon of steaming loveliness otherwise known as “me time.” A hot bath stimulates the immune system and calms the nerves. Sure, it’s said that a cold bath can motivate the metabolism too, but no one wants to waste perfectly good milk on that, right? No, we’ll stick with H2O that’s reminiscent of balmy days, watching the palms sway over the crystalline ocean as a tanned and toned cabana boy or girl delivers your third umbrella drink. Makes you want to crank the faucet right now, doesn’t it? Read More...


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