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    by Sarah Jacob | April 11, 2013
    In the constant quest for sylph-knowledge, the modern human has been known to take extreme measures to achieve mostly unachievable vital statistics. We are fixated by the perfect physique which may have been determined in part by mythology.
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  • http://d24dd7ms791idc.cloudfront.net/article_images3/meditation.png
    by timetospa | April 11, 2013
    It’s difficult to imagine that the crick in your neck might be the result of ill-fitting shoes (but you do look great in those five inch heels), or that a pain in your stomach might be the result of something wonky in your brain.
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    by Admin | April 11, 2013
    The 17th Century French philosopher, René Descartes, posited the simple declaration, ego cogito, ergo sum: “I think, therefore I am.” In the act of thinking about the self, the self exists.
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  • Say-goodbye-to-stress-with-a-soothing-soak_360_419933_1_14086558_100.jpg
    Say goodbye to stress with a soothing soak
    by timetospa | April 10, 2013
    Turing your bathroom into a relaxing spa filled candles, scented bath oils and calming music, might seem like too much of a production. But if you've been busting your butt at work and the gym, it's worth it to create a little taste of paradise at home.
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  • Exercise-holds-more-benefits-than-you-know_360_416857_1_14086343_100.jpg
    Exercise holds more benefits than you know
    by timetospa | April 4, 2013
    Even though getting yourself to the gym can sometimes be a challenge, most women instantly feel better about themselves after a good workout. Whether you just reached your 5 mile run goal, or successfully did 100 squats, breaking a sweat is certainly a mood booster.
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  • Youre-craving-what--Learn-why_360_380744_1_14084264_100.jpg
    You're craving what? - Learn why
    by timetospa | February 4, 2013
    Most women can admit to having a craving for something sweet or savory from time to time, and although many will give in, some might not fully understand where such cravings come from.
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  • Get-the-most-out-of-your-face-mask_360_371247_1_14084206_100.jpg
    Get the most out of your face mask
    by timetospa | January 23, 2013
    Finding time to kick back and relax is a luxury for most busy women these days, so doing something special for yourself when you get a few minutes of down time is a must.
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