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Meditation Room

What is Meditation?

Contrary to western beliefs, meditation does not require escaping to the proverbial mountain top. It does not require turning your back on the pleasures of life. In fact, you don’t need to do anything, which for the over-productive, under-relaxed society in which we live, is the the hardest challenge of all.

The purpose of meditation is to tap into the creative part of your mind...the part that doesn’t care about anything except the moment. It is the place where your inner child resides. Taking 15 minutes out of every day to meditate will help you go through your day in tune with the creative part of your mind.

Enter one of the Meditation Rooms below. Visit each one often to find your inner stillness, especially when you need it most!



Sunrise Meditation
For a calm, beautiful day
Twilight Meditation
For a peaceful slumber
Guided Meditations
For changing habits




Zen Quote:

“Meditate not to escape...but to cultivate an inner stillness that is never disturbed by stress yet always moved by the simplest of pleasures.”