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Alice in Wonderland

by timetospa May 14, 2010
Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Directed by Tim Burton, based on the book by Lewis Carroll. This sequel to the classic fairy tale is a must see in 3D. Burton has modernized the story and built upon Alice’s rebellious streak to give her a somewhat feminist, post modern ideology. Alice is now 17 and when chastised for not wearing her corset and stockings, Alice questioned her rather perplexed mother, “I don’t like corsets. What if the fashion was to wear a codfish on your head, would you wear that?” Then later on, she refused to marry the aristocratic gentleman chosen for her, and becomes a partner in her late father’s business. However, the core of the tale remains true and the amazing colors, modern Baroque styling, lush green British country side (made greener by technology) make Alice in Wonderland a visual feast for the eyes. It subtly touches upon environmental and social issues, “Do you know what my greatest fear is Alice?” said her ‘would be’ mother-in-law Lady Ascott (Geraldine James), “The fall of the aristocracy?” questions Alice sarcastically.

The Red Queen has decimated part of Wonderland, transforming it from a fertile playground to a barren land and the animals are treated like slaves, as foot rests, tables and chairs. Alice is the charming 19 year old Australian Mia Wasikowska, the Mad Hatter is Johnny Depp (incredible performance), Anne Hathaway is the white Queen and Helena Bonham Carter is the despicable and rather large headed Red Queen. There is of course a parallel between the characters down the rabbit hole and the ones above it, implying perhaps, that the fight over right and wrong and good and evil is ever present in every day lives.


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